From the Source to the Plate

Trident is a vertically-integrated harvesting, processing, and marketing company active in all major production regions of Alaska. We also process and market seafood sourced from other parts of the Pacific and around the world. Trident has a special blend of talent and steel. The career professionals who comprise the Trident team direct a fleet of harvesting, processing and tendering vessels, a network of strategically placed shore plants, value-added processing facilities, and an extensive sales and distribution network. This carefully conceived mix of mobile and fixed production assets gives us the ability to control our seafood products From the Source to the PlateR. From the fishermen, to the processors, to the plant managers, all Trident employees assume personal responsibility for Trident quality. We are constantly aware that the products we handle are not simply raw materials but a valuable food source for people around the world.

「From the Source to the PlateR」

Our production facilities are inspected by the federal Food and Drug Administration, state authorities, independent third-party auditors and our own Quality Assurance team. This cooperative approach to quality guarantees conformance to standards and assures the consistency required by today’s markets. In addition to monitoring our own production processes, our Quality Control programs have also been applied to our worldwide sourcing operations. In order to maintain our reputation as your seafood source, Trident imports a variety of products from around the world. Rest assured that our quality control representatives are on site at these remote locations, monitoring these products, as well. Trident's universal commitment to quality control - our From the Source to the PlateR philosophy - is your assurance that the Trident product you serve is the finest available.