Mission Statement


Trident believes that customer satisfaction is achieved through integrity, honesty and on-time delivery of quality products, value pricing, and full service. We value long-term relationships with our customers. Our goal is to earn customer confidence and our pledge is to maintain a competitive profile. We will continue to listen to our customers and to exercise our creativity in developing new product lines to meet the ever-changing needs of the market place.


At Trident we value a work culture that encourages the free and open flow of information and ideas. We remain open to suggestions and we learn from our mistakes.

The safety and health of our employees are paramount. We are firmly committed to providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. The foundation of that growth is the equitable and fair treatment of employees, regardless of race, color, or sex. We look for and recognize positive contributions and we cultivate pride in our organization. We share a common destiny with our work force, and our success will depend on how well we all work together. Trident was built around the gcan doh spirit and we celebrate the opportunity to learn, teach, and share on the job.


The quality of our end products depends on the quality and service we receive from our suppliers. Our customers expect the best from Trident. Likewise we expect the best from our suppliers and we value productive long-term relationships. Fundamental to such relationships are honesty, integrity and the on-time delivery of quality products, attentive service and value.


Trident believes that the cornerstone of our business is a strong partnership with our fishermen. Trident fishermen are not dependent upon us; we are dependent on them. Trident fishermen are neither outsiders to our business nor an interruption to our work; they are an integral part and purpose of it. Providing services to our fishermen and demonstrating appreciation for our fleet is a primary goal for every Trident employee. We want to help all Trident fishermen become more profitable and efficient in their harvesting operations. Our growth and success as a company relies on this spirit of mutual respect, trust, and the economic vitality of our fleets. Our philosophy is to never leave a problem unresolved that a Trident fisherman brings to our attention.