Trident Seafoods Asia Inc.

The US-headquartered Trident Seafoods Corporation (TSC) used to deliver The Source (our harvest from the sea) directly to customers in Asia until Trident Seafoods Asia Inc. was established as a TSC 100%-owned subsidiary in Seattle, WA in order both to deliver more accessible and better services to existing customers and to expand our business in Asia by reaching a larger customer base there. As part of such efforts, the Japan Branch Office was set up in Tokyo in February 2001. Then in 2007, two companies, Kako Foods Company Limited and KM Foods Company Limited, joined our group as subsidiaries, serving as our salmon processing base in Japan.

Trident Seafoods Asia Inc[Chuck Bundrant]

In 2011, the three Japanese strongholds of Trident Seafoods undertook business restructuring among themselves. As a result, Kako Foods and KM Foods were reorganized into Trident Kako Foods Company Limited and Trident Seafoods Japan Company Limited, respectively, turning a new leaf together with the Japan Branch Office of Trident Seafoods Asia Inc. In the following year, 2012, the two stock corporations were further reorganized into limited liability companies and renamed as Trident Kako Foods GK and Trident Seafoods Japan GK, respectively.

In March 2010, TSC also made an official announcement about its capital participation in a Chinese food company named Weihai Haidu Foods for the purpose of cultivating the Asian market. This new structure means a great deal to us too, since we at Trident Seafoods Asia Inc. have the same aim. Thus, we will actively promote our partnerships going forward.